National War Tax Resistance Gathering and
Coordinating Committee Meeting

FRIDAY, November 7-- Sunday, November 9, 2008
Friends Meeting House
2274 Onyx Street
Eugene, Oregon 97403

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New President, Same Priorities?
War Resistance After Election Day

A mini-conference with people from around the country who refuse to pay for war. Hear stories of resistance, strategize with peace activists, and find out how to stop paying for war.

Hosted by Eugene Taxes for Peace Not War! and the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee (NWTRCC).

With a special talk on Saturday night:

"Eye-Witness to War, Courage for Peace"
with Kathy Kelly

Co-Coordinator of Voices for Creative Nonviolence
7:30 pm, 180 PLC, University of Oregon, (14th & Kincaid St.)

The program is open to everyone with an interest in war tax resistance. Come for the whole weekend or one session (see below for program outline). Sunday morning, Nov. 9, is an open organizational business meeting for NWTRCC.


Program content and format details are developing and remain subject to change. Please check the website or ask us for a schedule.


5 - 7:30 pm: Arrival, Registration, Dinner

7:30 pm: Stories of Resistance - Experiences, significant moments, and problems with our war tax resistance and/or deciding to resist.

Saturday, November 8

8 am - Breakfast

9 am - Welcome, Introductions, and Logistics

9:15 - 10:45am - Discussion and feedback including the new WTR film; report from Sept. '08 international conference on WTR and peace tax campaigns; and planning for the 2009 war tax boycott

10:45 - Break

11:00 - 12:00: Forum and round-table discussion: Post election strategies: Where do we go from here?

12:00 - 1:00pm - Lunch

1:00 - 1:30 - Overview of afternoon workshops

1:30 - 2:45 - Presentation and discussion with Kathy Kelly

2:45 - Break

3:00 - 4:00 - Workshops: WTR 101; WTR Questions and Answers for Experienced Resisters and Counselors; Peace Tax Legislation; Continued discussion on Post Election Strategies

4:00 - Break

4:15 - 4:45 Entertainment: Uregen Carnival skit, Free Radicals sing, plus the Fat Costumes

5:00 - 6:00 - Dinner

6:00 - 7:00 "Peace-a-Party" Pizza and workshop with teens: Susan Quinlan leads "Military Spending Cookie Toss" - after dinner workshop on redirecting war taxes

7:00 - Adjourn to Kathy Kelly event at University of Oregon

Sunday, November 4:

9:00 am - noon: NWTRCC Business Meeting
        Agenda includes continuing work on boycott and video; priorities for coming year; fundraising and annual budget; literature updates and new resource ideas. All welcome! Click here for copies of the reports and proposals that will be processed at the meeting.


LOCATION: The Friday and Saurday sessions will be at the Friends Meeting House, 2274 Onyx Street, Eugene, OR 97403. The Sunday meeting location will be at a local office or home.

TRAVEL: Eugene is served by buses, Amtrak, and flights to the Eugene Airport. If the flights are significantly cheaper into Portland, WTRs there will help shuttle folks to Eugene. Please allow an extra 3 hours for transfers and travel from Portland. Please check with Pam before booking flights into Portland:, 503-285-6371 or 503-283-2060.

HOUSING: Housing is in homes with local hosts.

MEALS: The program begins with dinner on Friday and ends with lunch on Sunday. All meals have simple, vegetarian menus. Everyone will be asked to share in preparation or cleanup.

COSTS: We are asking $15 registration fee in advance for those who can afford it; those attending for part of the weekend are asked to make a contribution in advance or during the weekend. No one will be turned away.

LOCAL CONTACTS: Phone: Peg Morton, 541-342-2914; Email: (Portland travel, see above.)


Taxes for Peace Not War! in Eugene is an affiliate of NWTRCC, regrouping out of Military Tax Resistance of Lane County. Taxes for Peace organizes creative tax day actions and WTR workshops, and participates in coalition peace events. Since the 1960s Eugene war tax resisters have organized actions and refused to pay for wars, from Vietnam to Iraq, and weapons, from bullets to bunker busters.

The National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee (NWTRCC) is a coalition of groups from across the U.S., formed in 1982 to provide information and support to people involved in or considering some form of war tax resistance.

Registration Form

For full or partial weekend

I am (we are) coming to the war tax resistance gathering in Eugene, Oregon


# attending: _____Adults _____Children for:         Full weekend         Partial weekend

If partial, please check meals you will need:
Friday:         Dinner
Saturday:     Breakfast        Lunch         Dinner
Sunday:       Breakfast         Lunch

____ I live in the Eugene area and can offer housing for ___person(s).
____ I/we need lodging in a private home
____ I/we will find our own accommodations

I/We will be staying over these nights:        Thurs.         Fri.         Sat.         Sun.

Special needs: ____ Vegan         ____ Food Allergies
        ____ Pet or other allergies

I will be arriving by         Air         Car         Train         Bus

Airline/Flight Number/airport: ___________________________

Bus/Train Info: _____________________________

Date/approx. arrival time: ___________________________

Air/bus/train departure date and time_______________________

____ I need driving directions.

____ I can offer rides to ___ people from my area

____ I need to be picked up at the ___ Eugene airport ___ Eugene bus station
        ____ Amtrak station in Eugene ___ Portland airport

Fees and Registration Deadline

We are asking $15 registration fee for the weekend, or donations if you are attending part of the time. No one will be turned away for lack of funds, although a collection may be taken up during the weekend if costs have not been covered.

Enclosed is
___ $15 registration fee
(Please make checks payable to NWTRCC)

Please register by October 22, (mail, phone, fax, email!) - especially if you need housing. Eugene area folks coming for part of the weekend may register with the local contacts above.

NWTRCC, PO Box 150553, Brooklyn, NY 11215
Fax: (718) 768-4388 o Email:
or phone in this information: (800) 269-7464