National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee

Proposal to Change the Newsletter Masthead

Proposer: Rick Bickhart, Ruth Benn

Proposal: The newsletter name "More Than A Paycheck" was selected by a newsletter committee after ideas were presented at the November 1993 CC meeting,* replacing the name "Network News." We don't have a newsletter committee now, but it seems appropriate that the CC should be involved in considering a new name and masthead design. The October/November 2012 issue for the 30th anniversary already features a general redesign, but the masthead on that issue is temporary.

Rationale: We are looking for a masthead that will catch peoples' eyes on tables and also more quickly tell them what the newsletter is about. "More Than A Paycheck" is a rather long name and vague about the meaning (most would not connect to the Sweet Honey in the Rock song anymore).

Budget: Same as ever

Samples: Some of these samples include the name "More Than A Paycheck." Generally we feel that it would be a clearer masthead without that name but were hesitant to make the change without wider input. Fundraising Committee has seen some of the designs but opinions varied; we did not make an effort to recommend a particular design.

These are in no particular order:









*A report in the December 1993 newsletter said: "After a spirited and often silly debate, the participants at the NWTRCC meeting gave a list of final suggestions to the Newsletter Working Group for a new name for this publication. ...A couple notable rejected names: "A Pax on Your Tax," and "New Trek: the Next Generation."

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