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Please let us know if you see us mentioned elsewhere on the web or in print.


New strategies used in local war protests, briefly shows the ACOMT banner in an anti-war march organized by Austin Against War.  Featured in a broadcast by News8Austin, March 19, 2005 by Bob Robuck.


Liberty and Justice for All, cable television interview, February 26, 2005.  ACOMT members Shirley Smith and Andy McKenna were interviewed by host Tom Davis on the Channel 10 Libertarian show "Live and Let Live" produced by Gary Johnson.  Begins after a lovely rant by Tom, 21 minutes into the hour-long program.  (Media player required.)


Taxes withheld in protest:  Anti-war protesters refuse to fund war on terrorism, article by Jessa Lauren Hollett, Daily Texan, February 9, 2005.


Movement to resist taxes over U.S. wars abroad gains momentum, article by John Byrne, Rawstory.com, February 7, 2005.


Withholding from the war machine, article by Wells Dunbar, Austin Chronicle, January 28, 2005.  There was an untitled blurb by Michael King in the January 7, 2005 issue, too.


Our taxes as fuel for his war, Op-ed by Andy McKenna, Austin American-Statesman, January 19, 2005.  A different version of this first ran on www.antiwar.com, and it has run on other sites.


Deadline Live, radio interview December 16, 2004.  ACOMT member Thad Crouch was interviewed by Republic Broadcast Network host Jack Blood.  Begins 37:30 minutes into the first hour and continues into the second hour.  (Media player required.)


Ask Not What Price Fallujah:  War Tax Resisters Opt Out, article by Greg Moses, www.peacefile.org, December 6, 2004.  This was republished on numerous websites including Counterpunch, ZNet and one in Italy.


Not With Their Money: Austin war tax resisters pay their dues, by Mike Butts, Austin Chronicle, April 9, 1999.

Tax Day 2004 , from KUT News