National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee

NWTRCC in Chicago, May 18–20, 2012

We joined the NATO protest on Sunday, May 20, and attended the Voices for Creative Nonviolence program on Saturday, May 19, featuring a talk by David Swansen.

banner in Chicago
Gary Erb (Col.), Bill Glassmire (Ore.), hands and feet of Naomi Paz Greenberg (N.Y.), Pam Allee (Ore.), Rick Bickhart (Va.), and Erica Weiland (Wash.) holding our banner at the entrance to the rally. We got a lot of attention in this spot.

asheville banner
Chicago host Brad Lyttle (left) was also a peace keeper for the rally and march.

outreach in Chicago
Erica gets in some outreach.

police in chicago
Rahm Emanuel seems to think well-armed police are the best way to advertise “Chicago is My Kind of Town.” Why couldn’t he have welcomed antiwar protests, since a majority of people in this country are opposed to the war in Afghanistan.

front banner chicago may 20
Lead banner for the Sunday protest.

jesse jackson
Jesse Jackson before he spoke at the rally.

daniel leafletting
Daniel Sicken (Vt.) did a great job handing out our “SIck of paying for war?” flyers. We got this post-weekend report from Mark at Christian Peacemaker Teams in Chicago: “Somebody handed someone who attends my church a little flyer re: NWTRCC, and my friend came to me and wanted more info about war tax resistance in general. The flyers work!”

john klotz
John Klotz, war tax resister in Iowa, brought his own sign.

At the Voices for Creative Nonviolence program, May 19, 2012:

pam and david swansen
Pam Allee from Portland, Oregon, chats with speaker David Swansen after his talk.

joffre and paula
Chicago resister Joffre Stewart with Madison (Wisconsin) Area WTR member Paula Rogge.

judith and clare
Judith Kelly (Virginia) was in town for the Voices for Creative Nonviolence reunion, but she is also a NWTRCC friend, so we were glad to meet up with her at the Saturday event. Clare Hanrahan, right, was at the NWTRCC gathering from Asheville, N.C.

group on porch after meeting
We posed on the steps of the 57th Street Quaker Meeting after our business meeting ended on Saturday, May 19.

Photos by Ruth Benn