National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee


12th International Conference on War Tax Resistance & Peace Tax Campaigns

Manchester, England • 5–7 September 2008

Photos by Ed Hedemann / Click on any photo to enlarge

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plenary session
coffee break
morning coffee break
final assembly
final assembly
Norway delegates with banner
delegates inspecting banners
CPTI board meeting
CPTI board meeting
Brookes Benn Cwper
Robin Brookes/ENGLAND, Ruth
Benn/USA, Sian Cwper/WALES
Hollings and Brookes
Conference organizers Paula Hollings
and Robin Brookes / ENGLAND
David Bassett
David Bassett/USA
Friedrich HeilmannFriedrich Heilmann/GERMANY Bjorg Berg
Bjorg Berg/NORWAY
Franklin and Coverdale
Roger Franklin & Chris Coverdale
ENGLAND (and vicinity)
delegate-singers during
Saturday night talent show
Simon Heywood
Simon Heywood/ENGLAND
Auerbach, Rottmayr, Meischner
Irene Auerbach/ENGLAND,
Katharina Rottmayr/GERMANY,
Gabriele Meischner/GERMANY
Jan Hellebaut
Jan Hellebaut/BELGIUM
Tanaka & Miyake
Yoshiko Tanaka & Mikio Miyake
Ovalle & Borst
Julian Ovalle/COLOMBIA
& Konrad Borst/GERMANY
Angelo Gandolfi
Angelo Gandolfi/ITALY
Paul Rogers
Paul Rogers/ENGLAND
making keynote address
Andreas Speck
WRI rep. Andreas Speck/ENGLAND
Jannik Augsberg
Jannik Augsberg/DENMARK
Joshi Prasad
Joshi Kanhaiya Prasad/NEPAL
Ruth Benn
Ruth Benn/USA
Dan Jenkins
Dan Jenkins/USA and
Dirk Panhuis/BELGIUM
Carla Goffi & Jan Hellebaut
Carla Goffi & Jan Hellebaut/BELGIUM
David Bassett and Dirk Panhuis
David Bassett/USA and
Dirk Panhuis/BELGIUM
Anton Leifson-Thal
Anton Leifson-Thal/SWEDEN
If you cannot fight, lend your money
War bonds poster in the Imperial War
Museum North, Manchester