National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee

NWTRCC Gathering
Casa Maria Catholic Worker Community,
Milwaukee, Wisconsin • May 1 - 3, 2015

May Day did not go unnoticed at the National War Tax Resistance Gathering in Milwaukee. After dinner and networking at the Spring fundraiser for the Marquette Center for Peacemaking, we returned to appropriately named Harmony House for a rousing chorus of labor songs. Our singing was helped greatly by the guitar playing of Don Timmerman and the songbooks procured by IWW member Jerry Chernow.

Saturday's workshops included WTR 101 and 102, Social Media, ideas for coordinated WTR actions in 2016, Young Afghan Peace Volunteers presentation, and Trending in WTR. We had a public panel on Saturday evening, "Methods of Resistance," followed by the usual lively business meeting on Sunday morning.

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Report on War Tax Talk.

Group at Casa Maria Milwaukee
Some of the current and potential war tax resisters who gathered for the weekend of May 1 - 3 at Casa Maria house and community in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Thanks to our hosts — Lincoln, Colleen, Don, Roberta — and everyone else who helped make it another successful weekend.
Erica bringing NWTRCC into 21st century Poster at Casa Maria
NWTRCC's Social Media Consultant
Erica Weiland at her tech station. This
was the first time we made available a
virtual connection to parts of the program
and the Sunday business meeting. It
worked pretty well, and we expect to
improve on it for future gatherings.
The walls of Casa Maria were decorated
in advance of our arrival by the kids of
the families in transition who usually
inhabit the bedrooms. Casa takes a
break from housing families to clean
in May, so they had room for the
NWTRCC gathering.
More posters at Casa Maria   Taxes for people at Casa Maria
More welcoming posters. NWTRCC found Casa Maria to be "The Bomb" (a nonviolent one) too.
Don Timmerman on Guitar  Union Maid with Cathy and Ed
Don Timmerman tried to keep us in tune. Cathy and Ed are singing a May Day favorite, Woody Guthrie's "Union Maid." Jerry Chernow of Lakeside Press provided the "International Workers' Day Sing Along" books, featuring 100 songs collected by the Madison May Day Committee.
war tax resistance quartet  Harmony House group
NWTRCC Quartet starring on May Day at Harmony House. Everyone took their singing pretty seriously. Harmony House is part of the Catholic Worker community in Milwaukee.
Methods of Resistance panel Lincoln, Laura, Cullom
George Martin of Peace Action Wisconsin,Mary Watkins of Coalition for Justice, and Ruth Benn, Coordinator for NWTRCC, each spoke at the Saturday night panel on Methods of Resistance. The program was held at St. Michael's Church and an audio recording will be online soon. Lincoln Rice (left) feeling calmer after the evening panel ended and his most time-consuming tasks as key organizer for the weekend were coming to a close. Laura and Cullom gave the evening a thumbs up.

Colleen and Mary
Colleen and Mary

George Martin and Anne Barron
George and Anne
NWTRCC business meeting  Serious business meeting
Sunday's business meeting included some laughs and a serious group studying their papers. LEFT: Ari facilitating wtih Cathy, Rachel, Ann, Alex, Gary and Jacob. RIGHT: Bill, Lincoln in background, Erica checking the virtual connections, Ruth and Robert preparing for the next agenda item.

Read the report on our blog.

Minutes from the Coordinating Committee Meeting

Photos above by Ruth Benn and Ed Kale.