National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee

New England Gathering •
Cambridge, Mass.Oct. 26–28, 2012

A few photos from Saturday at the gathering.

 Pacifeast Catering kitchen help at the gathering
Rick Gaumer, happy chef of Pacifeast Catering. Thanks for the great food! Joanne Sheehan, Pacifeast Catering, helps the kitchen help.
joane and clark juanita nelson tells stories
Joanne and Clark listen to Juanita’s stories. Juanita told about how she met her long-time partner Wally when he was in prison. “It’s helps to meet your mate in jail, especially when he’s in jail and you’re not,” she said.
looking at rainbows rainbow arc
We had to take a break to look up at the sky. The most unusual rainbows any of us had ever seen.
look at the rainbow mugging for the camera
Dan makes sure that Mary doesn’t miss something. Mugging for the photographer.
more rainbow shots during a session at NE gathering
Trying to get a good shot… We did spend some time talking about war tax resistance.
Juanita Nelson rainbow over friends meeting
Juanita says, “I think I’ve had a pretty good life. The best thing that happened was meeting Wally. We never got married. We didn’t need anyone to tell us that we could sleep together, and it cost money for a marriage license. I still miss that man.” We do too. Wally died at age 93 in 2002. Read more about Juanita here.

Photos by Ruth Benn

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