National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee

New England War Tax Resistance and Supporters Gathering and NWTRCC Gathering

Cambridge (Mass.) Friends Meeting • Saturday, Nov. 6 • Morning session

Approximate attendance for the weekend: Massachusetts (37), Vermont (4), Maine (6), New Hampshire (2) Connecticut (4), (where were you Rhode Island?), New York (5), Pennsylvania (1), Georgia (1), California (2), Washington (1), North Carolina (4), Colorado (1), Illinois (1), Indiana (1)

Anti-War Stories – WTR experiences and Organizing Thoughts
Notes from comments during this session:

Notes from groups on Low Income and Taxable Income Resistance

The afternoon sessions included Small Group discussions about Outreach to different groups and Regional or National organizing. We do not have notes from these groups. However, if you were there and have comments from your group, please send to NWTRCC.

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Read about the Friday night session on Dave Gross’ blog and click the forward button for more of his impressions from the weekend.