National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee

A Few Photos from the NWTRCC Gathering
in Asheville, N.C., May 3–6, 2013

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march in Asheville
Amy Cantrell (right) of Beloved House Community in Asheville led us on a walk stopping at
programs whose budgets have been cut and sites where the homeless sleep outdoors.
carlos welcomes WTRS To Asheville david swanson keynote
Carlos Steward welcomes
everyone to Asheville, the
Phil Mechanics Building,
and his studo
David Swanson spoke on
Friday evening. See a video
of his talk.
CMTC grants BeLoved community receives a grant
Bill Ramsey (right) announces grants from the Conscience and Military Tax Campaign alternative fund in a public ceremony in downtown Asheville. Jason Rawn is among the supporters. Right, representatives from the BeLoved Community happily accept their grant.
firestorm collective in asheville clare windmills not war
Sarah from Firestorm Cafe & Books
spoke about the worker-owned cooperative
in Asheville. They provided us
with some excellent meals.
Clare Hanrahan, hard-working
Asheville host, on the redirection
redmoonsong workshop Peace Poet
Cindy Sheehan, left, participated in
Redmoonsong’s simple living workshop.
B-Love from the Peace Garden
recited poetry.
Workshop with Bill Ramsey and David Swanson war tax resistance workshop
Bill Ramsey (orange shirt) and David Swanson
(dark brown sweater) presented a workshop
on reservations to war tax resistance and
Intro to war tax resistance workshop led
by Kima and Dave, facing camera.
Fools of Conscience and Ruth appreciation Karl Meyer at counselor training
Asheville war tax resisters organized under the
name “Fools of Conscience” 20 years ago and
Ruth Benn just completed her 10th year as
NWTRCC Coordinator. A certificate and cake
were part of the appreciation ceremony. Rick
Bickhart presented the award. Photo by
Carlos Steward.
Karl Meyer from Nashville
Greenlands at the
Counselors’ Training,
Monday, May 6.
Photos by Ruth Benn unless otherwise noted. More coming soon!