Please join us in Tucson, Arizona, for

Disarm Now!
War Tax Resistance and Peacemaking

National War Tax Resistance Gathering and Coordinating Committee Meeting

Mini conference Friday/Saturday May 7-8 at
Pima Monthly Meeting
of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
931 N 5th Ave

Open Coordinating Committee Meeting • Sunday, May 9 • 9 a.m. - Noon
Borderlinks, 620 S. 6th Avenue

Local hosts: The Nuclear Resister

The program Friday and Saturday will include a showing of the new film, Death and Taxes, produced by NWTRCC with Tucson filmmaker Steev Hise and the Pan Left Collective. Workshops and panels will cover topics about the role of war tax resistance in seeking the abolition of nuclear weapons, ending the militarization of the border, and stopping the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. There will be a beginner's workshop on war tax resistance, stories of long time war tax resisters from around the U.S., and organizing strategies for peace and justice.

NWTRCC is holding its business meeting at Borderlinks in Tucson on Sunday morning, May 9 (open to all). Along with local activists, people from around the country who refuse to pay for war will participate in the mini-conference.

Come for the whole weekend or one session
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Representatives of war tax resistance (WTR) groups from around the country will attend and join local war resisters as presenters and facilitators for panels, group discussions, and workshops. Program planning is in progress. Click here for weekend schedule.


The Nuclear Resister began in 1980 to chronicle anti-nuclear and anti-war civil resistance, with a focus on supporting the men and women imprisoned for these actions. The newsletter publishes writings from prisoners, reports on actions, trials and sentencings, provides addresses of imprisoned activists and publicizes future actions. Jack and Felice Cohen-Joppa keep The Nuclear Resister going and are the local contacts for your gathering.


Location: Fri/Sat at Pima Friends Meeting (PFM), 931 N. 5th Ave., Tucson. Registration begins at 5 pm on Friday. The Sunday meeting and counselor training, along with housing, will be at Borderlinks, 620 S. 6th Avenue, Tucson, Arizona 85701.

Housing: Housing at Borderlinks is in shared rooms, most with 3 beds each. Bedding is provided. Cost is $20 per night. For those who cannot afford the group housing, we will try to arrange for stays in homes of local activists and friends.

Meals: The program begins with dinner on Friday at 6:00 pm, and ends with lunch on Sunday (all welcome for the Sunday NWTRCC business meeting). Meals are vegetarian with vegan options. You may be asked to help with meal prep or serving.

Travel: Click here for directions to Borderlinks (housing and Sunday meeting) and Pima Friends Meeting (Fri/Sat).

Costs: $15 registration fee in advance (helps to cover meals and other costs), plus $20 per night for housing at Borderlinks. We will ask $10 per day for area people not requiring housing, and we may take up a collection to cover meals costs not covered by the registration fee. We do our best to keep costs low. Pay what you can. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Weather: Likely sunny, low humidity with no chance of rain, 88/57 F average high/low temp. Bring your own water bottle, a hat and sunscreen - and use them!

Click here for travel information.
Click here for program information.

Registration and Program Information
National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee (NWTRCC)
(800) 269-7464,

Registration Form

For full or partial weekend - Copy and print form below or download PDF version of registration information)

Deadline: April 19, 2010

I am (we are) coming to the war tax resistance gathering in Tucson

City, State, Zip_____________________________________________________

# attending: _____Adults _____Children for:         Full weekend         Partial weekend

If partial, please check meals you will need:
Friday:         Dinner
Saturday:     Breakfast        Lunch         Dinner
Sunday:       Breakfast         Lunch

Accommodations and Costs:

Housing will be at the Borderlinks (space for about 30) or in homes as possible.

Registration Fee: $15 (helps with meals, outreach, organizing, and scholarships)
Borderlinks housing: $20 per night
Day Fee for local attendees: $10

___ I/We will be staying at Borderlinks these nights:        *Thurs.         Fri.         Sat.         *Sun.

* Please call the NWTRCC office regarding Thursday and Sunday night stays, which can best be accommodated for committee members and those whose travel arrangements require it.

___ I/we will find our own accommodations.

___ I/we prefer to stay in a local home if possible.

Special needs: ____ Vegan         ____ Food Allergies
        Pet or other allergies: ___________________

I will be arriving by         Air         Car         Train         Bus

Airline/Flight Number: ___________________________

Bus/Train Info: _____________________________

Date/approx. arrival time: ___________________________

Air/bus/train departure date and time_______________________

____ I need driving directions.

____ I can offer rides to ___ people from my area

____ It is difficult for me to take public transportation. I need to be picked up on arrival.

Registration Deadline: April 19,2010 (mail, phone, fax, email)

No one will be turned away for lack of funds, although a collection may be taken up during the weekend if costs have not been covered. Additional donations in advance will help us house most out of town guests at Borderlinks.

Enclosed is (please make checks payable to NWTRCC):

$15 registration fee, and,
$20 per night housing at Borderlinks and meals, or,
$10 one day meals only, no housing

Total enclosed $_____________

You may pay online through the Paypal donation button. Use the note space in Paypal to explain that your payment is for the Tucson weekend and email, fax or mail in your form separately.


NWTRCC, PO Box 150553, Brooklyn, NY 11215
Fax: (718) 768-4388 or Email:
or phone in this information: (800) 269-7464