National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee

Spring 2015

Dear Friends,

I have refused to pay taxes for war for 33 years now. It has been the defining decision of my adult life — one of the best decisions I have ever made. The National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee was there when I made that decision, and has been a steady source of support ever since. Eco Car Karen

I am writing to ask you to contribute to NWTRCC today, to keep the network strong for other resisters.

Currently most of my organizing energy is focused on climate change, which is inextricably tied up with militarism. As you probably know,

If we thought our war resistance was important before, it is even more crucial now. Thanks in large part to the work of NWTRCC, WTR gives us a set of unique and powerful tools applicable to all sorts of struggles. In recent months I have gained a new appreciation for what WTR brings to my climate activism.

First and foremost, I can thank WTR for easing my conscience, by making me realize I had already been resisting climate change for years by refusing to pay for war. I was way ahead of the game!

WTR is also to thank for my and my partner's decision to live more simply. Initially we did it to avoid incurring a large tax bill and to try to reduce the level of consumption that requires military intervention to maintain. But, of course, such a lifestyle has also dramatically reduced our carbon footprint for all these years. Another win-win!

My form of WTR also led me to work for pay as a part timer most of my life, which has freed me up to volunteer for things I really believe in. In our capitalist culture, that is a rare gift. And it has made me much more flexible in my ability to respond to the needs of the moment. Climate change is happening faster than scientists originally projected, but most people are entrenched in the mainstream economy and unable to quickly mobilize their time and talents. I have been able to give climate activism a huge chunk of my time because I am not tied down to a full time job and its demands.

Divestment Maine with Karen MNeedless to say WTR has taught me how to stand up to powerful forces and not be afraid. After years of refusing to let the IRS intimidate me, ExxonMobil doesn't seem so scarey!

But maybe the biggest benefit of all, is that WTR has made me more resilient. I remember a panel of older WTRs at one of NWTRCC's semi-annual meetings, talking about how to prepare for aging while continuing to resist war. The consensus of the panelists? Get use to living on less now!

I could say the same about preparing for climate change. Thanks to WTR, my life has been more about relationships and less about stuff. More about meaning and less about comfort. More about inspiration and less about distraction.

By supporting NWTRCC, you are helping to build strong and flexible activists. You are supporting a way of life that gives hope in the face of both militarism and climate change. Please give today!

Karen Marysdaughter

Photos: Trying out an eco car and speaking at a Maine
divestment hearing. Courtesy of Karen Marysdaughter.

Karen served as NWTRCC Coordinator from 1991-1999.