Peace Tax Fund Press Conference and Hearing
City Hall, New York City
June 9, 2005

On the steps of City Hall. Tiny Brooklyn Bridge in Background

Council member Bill Perkins, who introduced City Council Resolution 367, "In Support of the Peace Tax Fund Act," at the Press Conference. The Committee decides whether to move the Resolution on to the floor of the whole Council.

Marian Franz speaking at the Press Conference.

Bishop Michael Banks, NYC Mennonite Council

Neena Das, who got the whole thing going, with Rev. Sekou,
Director of Clergy and Laity Concerned about Iraq.

Nadette made sure Gandhi's presence was felt.

In the Council Hearing Room. Bill Perkins, center. Joel Rivera, Chair of the Committee on State and Federal Legislation, to his left, with a few out committee members.

A good turnout for the hearing.

Testifying before the Council, (l to r): Forrest Montgomery, National Association of Evangelicals; Marian Franz, NCPTF; Rev. Michael Banks, NYC Mennonite Council; Walter Fields, Director of Political Development, Community Services Society.

Panel 2: Colleen Kelly, Co-Director of September 11 Families for Peaceful Tomorrows; Simon Harak, War Resisters League; Rev. Angela Boatright, Fellowship of Reconciliation; Frida Berrigan, World Policy Institute; Ruth Wenger, Mennonite Church in the Bronx.