Proposals for May CC Meeting

These proposals were written independently and shared between the authors, but difference in approach may be useful to discuss.

PROPOSAL I: To revise an anachronistic reference in our “Statement of Purpose”

From: David M. Gross, San Francisco, CA

Date: December 16, 2008

NWTRCC’s statement of purpose reads in part:

NWTRCC’s goal is to maintain and build a national movement of conscientious objectors to military taxes by supporting, coordinating and publicizing the WTR actions of groups and individuals.  These actions include: war tax resistance, protest, and refusal; the redirection of military taxes to meet human needs; support of the U.S. Peace Tax Fund Bill; and adjustment of lifestyle to avoid tax liability.

The “U.S. Peace Tax Fund Bill” was last introduced into the 104th Congress more than a decade ago.  Today, proponents of “peace tax fund” legislation are promoting a different bill: the “Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund Act.”  Apart from the name change, there have been a number of important substantial changes to the legislation as well.

There are two, related parts to this proposal:

Part 1: Remove the anachronistic reference to the “U.S. Peace Tax Fund Bill” from the NWTRCC Statement of Purpose by striking the text “support of the U.S. Peace Tax Fund Bill;” from that statement.

Part 2: Add a new clause in the NWTRCC Statement of Purpose to replace the one removed in Part 1.  For example:

  1. “support of the Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund Act;”
  2. “support of legislation that would legalize conscientious objection to military taxation;”
  3. “support of the National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund’s efforts to establish a peace tax fund for taxpayers who conscientiously object to participating in military spending;”
  4. “support of taxpayers who want to hypothecate their tax dollars to non-military government spending;”

PROPOSAL II: Proposed Revision to the NWTRCC Statement of Purpose

From: Clark Hanjian

Date: March 9, 2009

Dear NWTRCC Friends,

In our 2007 survey of affiliates, the NWTRCC Statement of Purpose was overwhelmingly supported. NWTRCC affiliates clearly indicated that this Statement still rings true.

Several groups suggested minor clarifications, and these suggestions are incorporated into this proposal. Here are a few notes regarding rationale:

1st Paragraph/3rd Sentence:
One affiliate noted that the existing text can give the impression that WTR’s refuse to participate in the whole tax system and, while some do, others do not. The proposed change creates a simpler, more accurate statement about our diverse coalition.
2nd Paragraph/1st Sentence:
The existing text is redundant. If our goal is to build a movement, we are by definition concerned with maintaining what we already have.
2nd Paragraph/2nd Sentence:
Many affiliates noted the outdated reference regarding the name of the current peace tax fund legislation. The proposed language is more general and will not need to be revised if the title of the legislation changes again.
2nd Paragraph/3rd Sentence:
One affiliate suggested including the reference to nonviolence. The other change is to improve grammar.
3rd Paragraph:
Typically, this type of information is not included in a Statement of Purpose. This information is found elsewhere in the NWTRCC Handbook. By removing this text, we eliminate redundancy and we sharpen our Statement’s focus.

Click here for a PDF that shows our current Statement of Purpose, marked with these proposed revisions.

All the best,