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Articles and Photos from Tax Day 2005

Springfield, Oregon

Portland, Oregon, Tax Day Signs on Burnside Bridge,

Portsmouth, New Hampshire,

Houston, Texas, Halliburton mailbox,

Fresno, California, WILPF,

New York City, at the IRS, (Ed and Eric pictured, at the top, were just emerging from 2 hours of "counseling" inside the IRS office, after coming to an agreement on protocols with the officials inside; other photos show the outside vigil and leafletting)


Some Online Articles
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Geov Parrish (Working for Change) “Why Pay Taxes”

Democracy Now, April 15, 2005, transcript of interview with Ruth Benn, Coordinator, National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee,

Matt Cooper (February 12, 2005 byThe Register-Guard,Eugene, OR) “Their Objections to War Lead Activists To Do Battle with IRS”

Russell Working (Chicago Tribune +) “Tax Resisters Fight Iraq War With Money”

John Tiffany (American Free Press, March 6, 2005) “War Tax Resistance Grows”

Martha Baskin (New Standard, April 12, 20025) “Anti-War Activists Promote ‘Tax Resistance’ As Direct Protest”

Cleveland Free (Dec. 2004) “Tax-Resisting Couple Draw Federal Wrath…”

Greg Moses (Counterpunch, December 9, 2004) “Ask Not Who Bankrolled Fallujah: War Tax Resisters Opt Out,”

Glen Milner (Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 2/14/05)

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