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Fifty-nine Groups Around the Country Receive Over $16,000 From WTRS!

by Betty Winkler

It's always amazing what a small group of people can do with a helluva lot of determination-and principles.

Every year NWTRCC does a survey of US-based alternative funds: funds that re-distribute monies collected from war tax resisters to organizations that work for a variety of causes, mostly helping to end or alleviate violence in all its manifestations.

Of the 25 Alternative Funds NWTRCC contacted, 12 chose to respond to the survey this year. Being the independent spirits that so many resisters are, the information was somewhat sporadic but, as always, very interesting and uplifting.

Five funds are interest free and five give to NWTRCC. Some of the funds chose to use the word 'donate' rather than 'grant', but for the purpose of this article, the two terms are interchangeable. More groups gave grants than made loans.

At least $16,142.20 was redistributed by at least 55 people. If we think of our efforts in the context of one large country-wide group and not individuals, this amounts to each person who contributed their resisted dollars to an Alternative Fund averaging $294 of redistributed tax dollars! The number of war tax resisters giving into each fund varied from one to 15. Overall dollars per group ranged from $300 to $8,341.

Most alternative funds, however they may collect the money, distribute it as outright grants and usually in rounded off amounts. One group in Augusta, Maine re-distributed its money according to the results of a penny poll it took on April 17th. Education, Housing & Environment were the top three categories. Their redistribution was to the penny.

It was exciting to see how many local and community organizations benefited from redirected dollars. Thirty-one such groups, including local affiliates of national groups doing community based work, received at least $5,730.45. These organizations included a meeting place for discussion groups, a community garden, a legal service for people living in St. Louis who are seeking political asylum in the US, a housing shelter, books to local prisoners, a fund for housing for poor families.

A total of 28 organizations of national or international scope received the rest of the money. This included five funds giving to NWTRCC. Other beneficiaries included American Friends Service Committee, Doctors Without Borders, SOA Watch, Creative Response to Conflict, Peace Tax Fund, Peace Brigades International, Friends Peace Team-Burundi Project, War Resisters League, peace groups in Colombia for victims of war, Alternatives to Violence training in Rwanda, water purification equipment for communities in southern Iraq (destroyed by US bombs with repair parts otherwise prohibited by US sanctions) and a loan fund in Rio Abajo, Nicaragua, for community based development projects.

Thanks to NWTRCC contact Betty Winkler from NYC for compiling the info and writing this article!

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War Tax Resisters Imprisoned for Opposition to School of Assassins

by Clare Hanrahan

Five war tax resisters were among the 26 protesters sentenced to prison on May 23 in a Columbus, GA courtroom for participation in a massive nonviolent campaign in opposition to the U.S. Army School of Americas (SOA), renamed the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation. Karl Meyer, 66, left six pages of garden care instructions with his supporters in the Nashville Greenlands community before he boarded a Greyhound bus to Columbus, Ga. for trial. He and twenty five others (12 men and 14 women from 14 states, ages 19 to 88 years) were charged with reentering Fort Benning Military Reservation after being ordered not to do so by the Commanding General. In addition to Karl, the wtr's in the group were Bill Houston, Hazel Tulecke, Steve Jacobs, and me, Clare Hanrahan. We participated in the November 19, 2000, gathering at the gates which drew close to 10,000 people (despite drenching rain), and were among the more than 3,500 who crossed the line into Fort Benning. Only 1,700 were arrested, and though as many as 65 of those were in violation of a previous exclusion order, only 26 were selected for prosecution.

Karl is a legend in the war tax resistance movement and in numerous other nonviolent campaigns. In recent years he has worked with the Voices in the Wilderness campaign opposing the genocidal sanctions against the people of Iraq. Karl was the single defendant of the SOA-26 who chose a pro se defense. He argued along Constitutional and Free Speech grounds in what the Judge called an "uphill battle all the way," complimenting Karl for the way he handled his defense.

On May 23, Karl was removed from the courtroom in handcuffs as 200 or more supporters applauded his well-crafted and stirring defense. After being sentenced by U. S. Magistrate Judge G. Mallon Faircloth to six months imprisonment, Karl declined the privilege of self surrender. He began serving the sentence immediately in a 9-by-12 cell in the Muscogee County Jail with two of his codefendants, Jack Gilroy, a teacher from New York and Josh Raisler-Cohn, an activist from Oregon. Both also received six-month sentences.

Retired Professor Bill Houston, 72, and his partner, Hazel Tulecke, 77, a retired language instructor from Yellow Springs, Ohio, also received prison sentences. Bill is scheduled to report to Ashland, Kentucky, on July 17 for six months. Hazel will report on the same date to the federal women's prison in Pekin, Illinois, for a three-month sentence. Both have traveled extensively in Central America. They have been war tax resisters for thirty years.

As a gardener, I am glad I have had the time to experience the fullness of spring and the coming of summer to my backyard where the herbs and vegetables flourish. The blooms seem as a parting gift before I must report to the gaol. My preferred assignment would be to the oldest women's penitentiary, in Alderson, WV. I have heard there are beautiful gardens there in a lovely mountain setting. As a freelance writer/journalist, I hope to use these six months inside the federal penal system to listen to and write about the circumstances of incarceration faced by increasing numbers of women, many elderly and many mothers of young children, convicted of nonviolent actions and locked away from family and community.

The Judge imposed fines from $0 to $3,000, and sentences from three years probation to one year in prison. Steve Jacobs, 46, a Catholic Worker and war tax resister from Columbia, Missouri, received two six-month sentences to be served consecutively. He was the only defendant prosecuted on two counts. Though Steve said he is looking forward to the adventure of imprisonment, he will appeal the consecutive nature of the sentence, as an inordinately harsh punishment for a petty offense. Steve's wife, Lana, crossed the line in a Gandhian Wave solidarity action immediately following the sentencing. She received her first five-year ban and bar letter.

SOA defendants have varied philosophies about payment of fines. I intend to redirect the $500 fine ordered by the Judge to an Asheville organization known as International Link, a community service project working to heal divisions and unite people in friendship across barriers of language, culture, and class. The fine imposed by the judge is like a poll tax on citizen dissent necessitated by the crimes of government. Redirection of the fine, like redirection of federal taxes that fuel war making, is one more act of solidarity with the victims of militarism. Though it may not satisfy the requirements of the Bureau of Prisons, it would be a better use of the money collected from many supporters.

Meanwhile my mountain garden is vibrant and I continue to kick up my heels to fiddle and drum on the dance floor. When I feel anxious or sad or angry about this disruption in my comfortable life, I think of the people of Latin America and the long and valiant struggle they have endured, and I bring to mind the courage and determination of my fellow defendants, and the strong fabric of resistance from throughout this movement, in this country and around the world, that has made it possible for U.S. citizens to continue to speak out clearly and act boldly to hasten the day when the U.S. Army School of Assassins is finally and forever closed.

A former Ad Comm member, Clare lives in Asheville, NC and is a member of the National Writers Union.


Karl Meyer is doing well. He can be reached at the following address:

Harris County Jail
P.O. Box 286
Hamilton, GA 31811

Clare Hanrahan reported to Alderson, WV on July 17. You can send letters to her at the following address:

Clare Hanrahan
Box A
Alderson, WV 24910.

She can receive paperback books in plain manila envelopes (no padded envelopes), photographs and magazines (up to five per envelope) by mail from friends.

To get more news of Clare, Karl, and the others, you can subscribe to an SOA26 support list serve. To Join: send an email to
To Post: Send mail to

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Many thanks to the following groups that have given since our last newsletter. Your support makes a difference!
Saint Louis Covenant Community of War Tax Resisters
Nonviolent Action Community of Cascadia (WA)
Michiana War Tax Refusers
Episcopal Peace Fellowship
Military Tax Resisters of Lane County (OR)
Conscience, War Tax & Militarism Concerns Support Group/Philadelphia Yearly Meeting
Austin Conscientious Objectors to Military Taxation
War Tax Alternative Fund of Southern California
War Resisters League
Louisville Fellowship of Reconciliation
New York City People's Life Fund
Yellow Springs (OH) Friends Meeting

Counseling Notes:

New Withholding Rates

As of July 1, 2001, the IRS has new withholding rates and tables, for use by employers for wages paid after June 30. Employees may want to submit new W-4 Forms to adjust their withholding. Because the new tax rates are decreasing, if you are a wtr who does W-4 resistance to get your tax owed down to zero, you won't have to change the number of allowances. But people who file and want to pay some percentage of their tax, for example, 50%, might need to decrease their allowances. Ask your employer or call the NWTRCC office for the new rates and tables.

Phone Tax Resistance

NWTRCC has been getting more calls than usual from phone tax resisters who are dealing with confused or uncooperative phone companies about the federal excise tax on their bills.
As has been true for many years, the phone company is empowered to collect phone taxes, but not to enforce collection of the tax. Enforcement is left up to the IRS; the phone company is simply supposed to inform the IRS of the refusal. They are not themselves liable for paying the tax to the IRS.
NWTRCC has copies of the IRS regulations regarding phone companies and the excise tax, plus a New York State Department of Public Service decision on the matter which covers the pertinent issues very clearly. We also have sample letters from a couple of phone companies showing their correct understanding of their role.
If you are having trouble with your phone company, you can request copies of the above from NWTRCC. It may also be helpful to contact your state's public utility oversight body about the situation, sending them copies of the regulations and the NY decision, and to let your phone company know you are doing so. You can also consider contacting the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) about the matter. (NWTRCC has information on filing a complaint.)
Occasionally phone companies try to tack on fees for processing phone tax refusal. At least a couple of state public utility oversight bodies have denied their request to do so, including NY State in the decision mentioned above.
Does anyone who has Ameritech for a local provider, have a positive experience with withholding your 3% federal excise tax? A wtr from Indiana had his phone cut off by Ameritech, and NWTRCC would like to find people who have not had that experience. Please contact the office.

Social Security Numbers For Children

A family from the Midwest is wondering what experience other families have had in resisting getting social security numbers for their children. In recent years, the IRS has required that, to claim a deduction for a dependent child, you must have a social security number for them no matter what their age. Please contact the NWTRCC office if you have any information.

Activities Not For Profit

NWTRCC receives a digest of IRS news and court cases. In a summary of one court case, the IRS won against a person who had a tree farming business/hobby on the side. The taxpayer didn't show any business plan, and the taxpayer didn't change his operations to improve profitability. In another case, the Tax Court held that the taxpayers didn't operate their Amway distributorship for profit. Instead, they found that the taxpayers' objective was to purchase household goods and make financial deductions to offset wages.

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The "Other" Tax Resistance Movement

Once again, MTAP would like to share some of the discussions from the WTR list serve. Following are one question and three replies.

Friends: I would like to get some feedback about the value of making connections between war tax resistance and the growing "income tax is illegal" movement.
--- Ed Pearson, Virginia First reply:

On the one hand, we would do well to acknowledge other kinds of resistance, perhaps using the opportunity as a creative opening for conversation, the way we use the opportunity of a new bombing.

On the other, we will always need to redirect the folks who come to us looking for them, and distinguish our positions from theirs. We will need to do it in a way that is clearly not supportive of blanket tax refusal.

It's dangerous to get misperceived, as with groups that include unprincipled cheats and tax evaders. The folks speaking "illegal origins" rhetoric here in Florida find the 2nd Amendment much more important than the 1st, talk about Ruby Ridge and Waco and their right to protect their homes by arms from "furriners" and the "gummint," and home school their kids because there is too much UN and PC and "Evil-lution" in public schools. We need to listen to these neighbors of ours and embrace them as community members, not dismiss them or immediately try to convert them, nor become labeled with their identity. How to bring these neighbors and ourselves into the same peaceful community is a real challenge, made worse if we appear lumped together in contrast with a less active majority. Whatever kind of culture we wish to reshape ours into will require individuals paying into the commons, be it $ or labor or barter goods. Any loophole in that requirement is either a distraction from the discussion of the desired kind of culture and how to get there from here, or a brief opening sentence to such a discussion.
--- Zot Szurgot, Florida

Second reply:

I think our movement is more nuanced than simply the two categories of WTR vs. general tax refusal.

I agree that the goals and methods of someone who feels no moral or legal obligation to pay taxes are fundamentally different from (War) Tax Resistance as a form of civil disobedience. My experience of the WTR community is that we generally share a common desire to take part in providing for the common good. Our underlying objection seems to be a refusal to contribute to doing harm.

The nuance that seems important to me is that war is not the only way in which our government does harm. For example, a core member of my WTR support group has roots in the struggle against US funding of death squads in Central America in the 80's. But this person also refused to pay state taxes in California because of its leading role in the movement to criminalize, lock up, and permanently damage or kill hundreds of thousands of its citizens through the prison industry/war on crime.

I think war tax resistance has clear and compelling roots that tie it in with the world's great spiritual traditions. War is an obvious and, unfortunately, constant scourge of societies across the centuries, and many religious texts speak against it. So WTR is a great starting point from which we can begin investigating our connection to violence and harm. But when I examine the causes and effects of violence in our society and our world, it seems to me that the Pentagon, the military, and the manufacture of implements of war are expressions of an underlying institutional violence that also expresses itself in many other ways. I cannot limit my personal protest or disobedience to the neat subject area of war, while leaving intact the insidious ways in which our government's policies perpetuate a culture of violence and domination.

I think we're targeting a shift in the way we all think about the world, away from a paradigm of winners and losers, domination and conquest, and toward a world in which we work together for common benefit. I think that such a culture, as it grows, will inevitably do away with the implements and, more importantly, mentality of war. And as it does so, these other, related aspects will wither away as well.
--- Sasha Vodnik, Virginia

Third reply:

This military-corporate system wages war by many means. And the caution that we not ignore the diversity of our movement as war tax resisters is well taken. We cannot assume that all those who identify with the "other" tax resistance movement are somehow less morally correct than we see ourselves to be. People of all backgrounds and experiences are waking up to the tyranny of a system based on force and greed and power over. Let us not draw our circle so tight that we can no longer listen and communicate. I became a war tax resister because I cannot and will not support the killing, to the extent that I can disengage. I lost two older brothers to the waste of Viet Nam. That is all the taxing I will ever again submit to by this corrupt and immoral government. Certainly I agree that we should all contribute to the common good. The best way to do this, I believe, is within our own communities. I prefer to contribute with my time and labor, minimize my cash income, and withdraw as much as possible from the mainstream and destructive economy.

The existing system of taxation is fatally flawed. As in so many circumstances, the privileged ones can often work the system to their advantage while others bear the brunt of its inequities. I choose not to participate, and I find the "legal"/ "illegal" argument irrelevant. I prefer to expend my energies finding alternative ways to survive, in currencies other than the mainstream's paper money, securities, and other illusions of safety.

My peas are well out of the ground, the dandelions are ready to harvest for a spring tonic, and my wood pile seems to have outlasted the winter.

I count my wealth every day.
--- Anonymous wtr, western North Carolina

You can join the list serve by following the directions on our website. That address is

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Reject the Rebate!

The richest one percent of Americans will receive 38 percent of the $1.35 trillion benefits from the tax cut bill if it is fully implemented over the next decade, a far greater percentage than the 23 percent share of federal taxes they pay. By contrast, 34 million Americans will get no benefit from the bill at all, including no refund.

Are you a wtr who will be getting a rebate this summer? Folks from Peace House, in Ashland, OR, a NWTRCC area contact group, are putting out the following idea.

-Return the tax check project

This would be an opportunity to empower ourselves by using our tax dollars in a constructive way; we could choose where they go.

We could make known our opposition to the federal administration's policy of improving the lot of the rich at the expense of the poor.

And we could work with each other in a simple, concrete and positive way.
How it would work:

For more information, or to get involved, contact

Peace House
PO Box 524
Ashland, OR 97520
phone: 541 482-9625

United for a Fair Economy (UFE) has launched an on-line petition drive and rebate pledge campaign to oppose the tax cut's windfalls for the rich. They encourage folks to redirect some or all of their rebate to organizations working for fairer tax policies and economic justice. UFE is a national nonprofit organization that spotlights the dangers of growing inequality of income and wealth. For more info, call UFE at (617) 423-2148 or go to:

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United States Institute of Peace

by Jay Sordean

During the International Conference on War Tax Resistance and Peace Tax Campaigns in Washington, DC last summer, a small group of us went to the United States Institute of Peace. Ronald Reagan's administration created this Institute, thought by some to be a dog bone to the Peace Institute concept in the Peace Tax Fund Bill. I've always wondered why peace advocates didn't try to get money from that Institute to study peace. The staff of the institute were pleasant and willing to talk to me and Ed and Georgia Pearson. There are two primary granting cycles, one for solicited grants and one for unsolicited grants. The solicited grants are to fit in with a particular topic the Institute comes up with every year.

The bias of the Institute is to consider military intervention as one of many legitimate options in any conflict situation. The Institute is funding cross communication and training of the military with non-violent conflict resolution techniques. Part of this is in keeping with the peace-keeping missions in which the U.S. military is engaged around the world. On the other hand, for WTRs there may be hope of funding too. The institute has funded David Hartsough's non-violent peacemakers intervention project to the tune of more than $10,000 at least once. The reference librarian, Jim Cornelius, was open to suggestions from the WTR community of texts to be added to the library. Donations of materials might also be accepted. Although the Peace Institute is not pure, and is quite intertwined with the military services, wtrs might consider trying to get some of their tax dollars to work for peace by coming up with projects to be funded by the Peace Institute.

You can contact the Peace Institute at 1200 175h Street, N.W., Washington DC 20036. Phone:202/429-3842 Web site:
Jay Sordean is a wtr living in Berkeley, CA.

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Hang Up On the SOA

NWTRCC has a new phone tax flier! It's was produced exclusively for people who are focused on the US Army School of the Americas, encouraging those folks to take one more step, and "cross the line every day."

"If thousands of SOA opponents redirected their telephone taxes to efforts to support the victims of SOA graduates or to the SOA Watch, we would create a new 'peace chest,' taking money from the Pentagon and putting it to work on behalf of our convictions," says one line from the flier.

The flier was first used in St. Louis in June, when SOA Watch held a civil disobedience training. Those who participated will now go to their home communities and hold nonviolence trainings. NWTRCC provided them with multiple copies of the new flier, which is titled, "Hang Up On the SOA, Cross the Line Every Day." We will also have them available for the presence in Fort Benning in November, and at any other SOA events.

Thanks to Bill Ramsey for his help! They are available for 15 each, or 12 each for affiliates. Contact the NWTRCC office if you would like some.

Refusing to Bear Arms

War Resisters' International (WRI) is pleased to announce an important and useful addition to its web site. "Refusing to Bear Arms: A Worldwide Survey of Conscription and Conscientious Objection to Military Service" is a comprehensive directory of military service laws and practice in 179 countries around the world. WRI asks you to register as a user. There is no fee involved, and your data won't be given to anybody else. You can access the registration form at or under "publications" on the main WRI site's menu.

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More Tax Day Actions

Greenfield, MA

Activists in Greenfield, MA conducted a Stations of the Cross on Good Friday, in conjunction with Tax Day this year. The Stations of the Cross are traditionally a devotional exercise of visiting and praying before 14 stations depicting the events leading to the death of Jesus. This event, organized by the Pioneer Valley War Tax Resisters, linked persecutions against Jesus with injustices that occur today. At the eleventh station, for example, where Jesus is nailed to the cross, the theme was how taxes support the military, prisons,and the culture of death.

"We believe that today, God is calling on us to respond," said one participant. "What's the point of crying over someone who died 2,000 years ago if I don't respond to those who are suffering today?" The observance was an interfaith one, as there are people of many faiths in PVWTR.

Members of PVWTR vigiled at the Post Office on three separate days, making a prolonged witness for wtr this tax season.

Silver City, NM

Folks in Silver City, NM, held a penny poll outside their post office on Tax Day, and received a front page story in their local paper.

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NWTRCC Welcomes Five New Ad Comm Members!

At our meeting in St. Louis in May, the Coordinating Committee chose five new people to serve on the Administrative Committee, the group that works with the coordinator overseeing the day-to-day operations. The new Ad Comm members are Sasha Vodnik of Richmond, VA, and Paula Rogge of Austin, TX. They join Bill Glassmire of Corvallis, OR and Bill O'Connell of Birmingham, AL. We chose three people as alternates: Jessica Stewart of Ithaca, NY, Peter Smith of South Bend, IN, and Rick Bickhart of Colorado Springs, CO.

Sasha has been a wtr since 1994, redirecting the full amount of his taxes each year. He has worked with Food Not Bombs; was in Seattle for the WTO protest; was in a Buddhist social action group; and currently works with the Queer Liberation Front in Richmond, which provides resources for high school students. He is committed to active listening and challenging white male privilege (especially in meetings.) He works part-time as a writer of textbooks about Web pages.

Paula has been active for years with the Quakers, so she brings experience working in groups and trusting that different points of view can enrich a decision making process. She has also been active in the Alternatives to Violence Program and is interested in practical peacemaking skills. She has been a wtr ever since she became a physician, and has been levied, garnished, and had her car seized. She is rich in friends, family and neighbors.

Jessica brings a youthful perspective, and that of faith based renegade Catholic organizing. She has experience with direct action and organizing in rural areas, and has been living below taxable income for most of her working life. She's participated in organizing around anti-racism, economic justice, militarism, justice for women, and queer people. She works part-time as a carpenter.

Rick became a pacifist in the early 70's, quickly following it with becoming a wtr, when he realized he "had the power to refuse to pay for it all." He's done lots of local organizing with peace and justice centers in Colorado. He has a long affiliation with WRL on a national level, and is a self-employed graphic designer/art director (he does the NWTRCC ads.)

Peter became a wtr in 1969, and has undergone wage garnishment and bank account seizures. He's been active in the Pledge of Resistance and is on the steering committee of the Michiana chapter of WRL. He has written a different leaflet every Tuesday and leafletted with it at the Federal Building for 15 years. He is just retiring as a math and computer science teacher at the college level.

Welcome, all of you!

Donations Requested

NWTRCC has received requests for donations from the following groups. Since we are a coalition, we thought we would publish their addresses and let individuals or groups decide for themselves.

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IRS As Spiritual Director?

by Kathy Kelley

Having been asked for reports from local groups by our gathering in May in St. Louis, Kathy Kelley of the Chicago group sent a note via Brad Lyttle. It inspired many people, who asked that it be reprinted in MTAP. She starts by talking about how many people became wtrs in response to US intervention in Central America. Then she goes on to say...

"...We also realized that, in a sense, the IRS could become our spiritual director. How do you become invulnerable to IRS collections? The answer to that question was essentially the same as the answer to how one might become more 'in sync' with deeply held values. Answer: try to live simply, enjoy being of some service to others, share your resources in terms of income, housing, jobs, and security-forego possessions and commonly valued securities, recognize the chance to live more closely to those who lack health insurance and even access to medical care, to those who don't own cars, or homes, or hold bank accounts, or count on security for retirement plans. We fostered a community that prized simple living in a way that felt pleasantly nonchalant. We held a familial bond and counted on one another in ways that felt brotherly and sisterly. We also educated one another, and when we faced court dates or imprisonment, as did happen when the Missouri Peace Planting sojourn developed, we caught courage from one another.

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Calendar of Events

August 4-5, Oak Ridge, TN

The Department of Energy has unveiled plans for a new "National Security Complex" in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The Environmental Impact Statement for the Y-12 bomb plant outlines the first step in what DOE plans to eventually build: a brand new $4 billion dollar bomb plant. This would enable them to do 10 times as much weapons work as current levels and to go into production of NEW nuclear weapons. Y-12 is the last full scale nuclear weapons production facility in the United States.

Say no to US global domination and nuclear weapons. Saturday, August 4: Nonviolence workshop. Sunday, August 5, March through Oak Ridge to nuclear weapons complex, followed by direct action. Monday, August 6, Remembrance of Hiroshima.

For more information, go to or contact the NWTRCC office.

August 5, Kings Bay, GA

This Kings Bay, GA event is also a Hiroshima remembrance. There are Trident submarines at Kings Bay.

For more information, contact Robert Randall at 912-262-1274

October 13, your community

The Global Network against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space is organizing a day of actions in communities around the world. Hold an event at a US military base, DoE facility, NASA installation, US Embassy, an aerospace industry corporation, or an academic institution that is working on military space.

For more information, call 352/337-9274, or email
Web address:

This calendar is for upcoming events at which NWTRCC folks could attend and distribute literature. Please send in events that you know of, at least two months in advance, if possible. If you think of upcoming local/regional events that you could plug into, call the NWTRCC office and we can send you some literature. Thanks!

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