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NEW ADDRESS! (April 1999)
PO Box 6512, Ithaca, NY 14851

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More than a Paycheck:News from the War Tax Resistance Movement

Tax Day Actions Across the Nation
Good-bye from Karen... By Karen Marysdaughter, Outgoing NWTRCC Coordinator
Outreach Through Newspaper Ads: "It's So Easy!" by Judith Felker
Updates on Court Cases
Counseling Notes: Esitmated Tax Penalty
NWTRCC Business: ...and hello from Mary, by Mary Loehr, NWTRCC Coordinator
NWTRCC Business: Fools of Conscience Meet in North Carolina
Legislative Updates: Peace Tax Fund Bill Re-Introduced into Cogress
Perspective: A Vision for War Tax Resistance, by Bradford Lyttle

We regret that the text and photos of some recent newsletters are not yet available on the internet.

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National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee

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