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More than a Paycheck:News from the War Tax Resistance Movement

United Nations Recognizes Conscience
Improving NWTRCC's Statement of Purpose: A Laundry List?, by Carol Moore
Counseling Notes: Offer in Compromise Program; Telephone Tax
Legislative Updates: RFRA Court Case Efforts
War Tax Resister's Penalty Fund
Local Group Reports: Asheville, NC; Oregon
NWTRCC Business: NWTRCC Welcomes two new AdComm Members
NWTRCC Business: Fall NWTRCC Meeting Scheduled for Milwaukee, WI
Profile: The Dailiness of War Tax Resistance, by Bill Glassmire
Prespective: Where Do We Go From Here? A Re-examination of the Relationship of WTR to People's Life Funds

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Counseling Notes


The IRS has announced liberalizations to their offer-in-compromise program. An offer-in-compromise is a situation in which the IRS accepts an offer on less than you owe, if you've decided to pay up and promise to maintain a clean filing and payment record for the next five years.

The IRS says that its liberalizations for the program will include more flexible rules for processing taxpayer offers, less documentation, new payment procedures, specially trained IRS personnel, and reviews for rejected offers. Contact the NWTRCC office for more information.


A bill which would cut the current 3% federal communication excise tax to 1 % was introduced in Congress in May. The Schools and Libraries Internet Access Act would dedicate the remaining revenue from the excise tax, estimated to be about $1.9 billion, to fund the provision of telecommunications services to schools and libraries.

If enacted in that form, the bill could have a significant impact on the choice of resisters to refuse payment of the telephone tax, long a relatively easy target for resistance to military funding.

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